Welcome to our ‘nearly officially summer’ E-Newsletter. After a never-ending long slow winter and spring, finally, there is lots of good news to share with our seasonal stall holders starting to return and the first of our summer fruit and vegetables being available. All these stalls are detailed in the articles below.  

There is a lot of discussion in many media channels about the rising cost of living. Did you know that at Farmers Markets, most of the stallholders hold their prices constant? For example you will pay the same for a punnet of strawberries at the start of the season, the week before Christmas and the end of the season. This makes us truly unique and it is much easier to budget when you know prices are constant. I heard one of our stallholders mention a while back that he hadn't put up his prices in six years! The E-Newsletter also contains an article on the importance of buying local or lose it. As I state - you can't get more local than a Farmers Market with EVERYTHING being grown or produced locally. 

We have been in our new location at 23 Halifax Street for over a year now (yes, we missed our own first birthday!) and this is still proving a convenient site with parking nearby and easy access. So please pop on down and see what's fresh this week. We are open every Wednesday at 23 Halifax Street from 8am to 1pm.