Don Rodrigo Sourdough Bakery 

Rodrigo Ardiles and Katrin Hiller first met in Thames, before moving to Nelson. While Rodrigo loved being a chef, he and Katrin were keen to start their own business and started baking authentic sourdough in a small commercial kitchen in Lansdowne Rd that they converted to a bakery in 2012. Their sourdough was all natural and contained no commercial yeast, no improvers and no preservatives. It quickly became very popular so Rodriogos starting attending the Markets. They joined the Nelson Farmers Market in 2013 and have been an incredibly popular stall. With the success has come further expansion and in 2015 they opened a shop in the Richmond Mall.

The Nelson Farmers Market is the very heart of Rodrigo’s business. Katrin states “Our staff is our family and stallholders and beloved customers are our community! We could not possibly dream of doing anything else. We are living the dream, making good honest bread for the people we live and grow up with”. 

Katrin and Rodrigo are proud of the hard work they have put in and that they persevered when it was difficult. The commitment of the people they work with is the best feedback! They have learned so much and are grateful every day to make wonderful, real bread and raise their children in this generous community we call home. “We are humbled to see how much people love our bread!”

Products and Availability:

  • An incredible range of sourdough products including a variety of bread, doughnuts, sweet pastries, cracker bread, rolls and much more is available all year round. 
  • ​​​​​​​Some seasonal variations, eg Hot Cross Buns in March-April and Stollen in December.