Little Shaggery Farm

Luke and Rozmeri took over Little Shaggery Farm four years ago but it had been established over 40 years ago using bio-dynamic principles.  Luke is originally from Invercargill and Rozmeri from England. They met in Queensland then moved to Perth where Luke studied for an organic farming diploma. They wanted to return to New Zealand and after looking for a while found Little Shaggery Farm. It has approximately 150 varieties of apples, 40 varieties of plums and prunes, 60 varieties of pear, 15 varieties of nashi, 5 varieties of lemons, grapefruit, blueberries, grapes as well as value added products such as dried fruit and fruit wraps. It has been a steep learning curve but they now feel they have a good handle on growing techniques.

Rozmeri greatly enjoys coming to the Nelson Farmers Market. She likes that it is focused on sustainability and you sell direct to the customer, enabling her to cut down on packaging and food miles. You actually get to know your customers and explain about your product and the many different heritage varieties. Rozmeri and Luke are very proud of the fruit they grow and their value added products. They have created a dynamic and vibrant business based on traditional values and processes.


Products and Availability:

  • Apples: January-June
  • Pears: February-April
  • Plums: December-February
  • Grapes: March-April
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: All year round
  • Dried Fruit: All year round

For more infomation check out their website here