Pure Carnivores

Karen joined the Nelson Farmers Market in 2014. Her interest in real pet food was sparked when she moved to Nelson from the West Coast. On the Coast they had fed their pets’ real meat which had been hunted. Once in Nelson this was no longer possible and the only pet food available was full of preservatives and additives. At the time Karen had a 16 year old cat that had only ever eaten real meat. He wouldn’t eat processed pet food so she began making her own.

Karen was a nurse for many years but retired from nursing in 2013. She bought a mincer and 40 kg of meat and began making pet food for friends. This was very successful so she began to think, “I can do something with this” and Pure Carnivores was created. She started attending the Nelson Farmers Market and her business rapidly grew and developed a large group of regulars. She is an accredited petfood processor with MPI.

Karen really enjoys the social aspect of the Nelson Farmers Market and the opportunity to interact with her customers and other stallholders. She genuinely cares about the wellbeing of animals and is passionate about her products. “They are exactly what cats and dogs are meant to eat, it’s all natural, nothing processed!” she says. By eating as nature intended pets maintain good health and avoid a number of diseases caused by the processed pet food.


Raw pet food for dogs and cats: beef bones, beef necks, veal & wallaby chunks, 100g patties assorted meats


All year round