Sweet Acres

Glenda and Lester have been growers on their Motueka property, Sweetacres, for 25 years. Glenda has been bringing their ‘sweet’ produce to the Nelson Farmers Market for the last 8 years. They grow according to organic principles, although their property is not certified organic, and Glenda is very proud to say their produce is genuinely spray free. Glenda really enjoys the way of life being a grower enables. At times it is very long hours but this is outweighed by the satisfaction of being your own boss, being outside and of course growing quality food.

Glenda really enjoys coming to the Nelson Farmers Market and selling direct to the public. She is particularly proud to be selling fresh competitively priced produce that has been picked the night before, “It hasn’t been to Christchurch and back” she laughs.

Products and Availability:

  • Garlic: January-March
  • Plums: January-February
  • Beans: January-March
  • Blueberries: January-February
  • Feijoas: March-June