Veda Organics

Ben and Romany began stewarding Veda Organics farmland in Motueka Valley in 2010. After working together to help run restaurants in Christchurch, they had their first child and decided it was time for a lifestyle change.  The two earthquakes sped up their city life exit and the pair found themselves as first time farmers.  

With help from neighbours and farming friends, they learned to drive a tractor and when to sow different crops. They are both Bhakti yogis and their spiritual practices translate into growing food in collaboration with nature and symbiosis with animal life.  They view the farm as a way to live a lifestyle they love and serve their community with ethical, nutrient dense produce. Ben’s dream is to be a farmer  and Romany hopes to continue improving vegetable quality. 

Peter has been the face of Veda organics at the Nelson Farmers Market for two years. Originally from Austria he went to WWOOF at Veda Organics for a few weeks, and enjoyed the experience so much he decided to stay.  

Veda Organics really like how the Farmer's Market gives small growers and businesses the opportunity to maintain a fulfilling livelihood. The Market encourages a sense of community, customer pride in locally produced products and a vibrant social atmosphere. It helps those in the city centre in secondary and tertiary jobs to stay in touch with those who are workig directly with soil and food - keeping it real! They are really proud to have made a significant environmental contribution by taking some very tired old pasture and restoring its life in the form of a thriving organic market garden. This is of value to everyone in the long run. 

Products and Availability:

A wide range of vegetables and some fruit is available according to season.

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