Okainamu Organics

Jeremy was among the earlier growers in New Zealand to be organically certified and achieved this in 1982. He converted a 30 hectare run down sheep farm, east of Brightwater, into a diversified organic farm with both livestock and produce.   

Jeremy’s interest in organic farming and growing was philosophical as he did not want to use toxic chemicals on his produce.  At the time organic food was not popular and in low demand.  When he first started, Jeremy had a desire to be self-sufficient, which was gaining  in popularity  at that time. He didn’t intend to be a full time farmer/grower - but that is what eventuated. He developed his farm according to permaculture principles which involves utilising the natural assets and contours of the land to produce in a sustainable manner. Utilising the microclimate, the milder winters has  improved his  citrus crop.

Jeremy has been coming to the Nelson Farmers Market for around 13 years.

He really likes the interaction between stallholders and customers, and that the Market revolves around local food production. The Market suits him well and has a friendly atmosphere. Jeremy has a loyal following of health conscious regulars and appreciates the positive feedback he gets from customers, who understand the hard work that goes into organic growing. 

Products and Availability:

A wide variety of seasonal fruits - including apples, kiwifruit, pipfruit, citrus, feijoas as well as walnuts, hazelnuts, salad greens and herbs.