The Vegetarian Butcher

Maria, aka The Vegetarian Butcher, has been attending the Nelson Farmers Market for four years. She makes various products that resemble meat and sells them to people who either want to reduce the amount of meat in their diets or have changed to a plant-based food diet. “I started making various vegetarian and vegan-friendly meals because my two kids were vegetarians,” Maria said, “As I experimented with different things I realised there was a market for this style of food and decided it could be a business – there was a growing demand for plant-based foods”.

Maria is incredibly passionate about addressing climate change. Her products and packaging reflect this. They are all about sustainable living and lightening our footprint on the planet. Most of Maria’s products are her own recipes, but some are an amalgamation of several recipes. “It’s all about getting the balance right between the wet and dry ingredients”, she explains.

Maria really enjoys being able to interact with people at the Nelson Farmers Market, in particular share ideas and philosophies about sustainable living. She is particularly proud to have produced vegan products which are good for our health and the environment.

Products and Availability:

  • BBQ steaks, BBQ strips, chorizo sausage, spicy Italian sausage, Breakfast sausage, bacon, pastrami, BBQ jackfruit, Beetroot burger, chickpea burger
  • Available all year round