Viavio Cheese

Viavio Cheese founders, Flavio Donati and Flavia Spena are both from Rome, Italy and fell in love with New Zealand when Flavio was over here as a professional rugby player during the 1990s. After several visits they decided to move to New Zealand and settled in Nelson. Whilst they loved the lifestyle they really missed Italian cheese. They found the range of cheese in New Zealand quite limited and wanted to introduce a new style, so when they came across a small Italian cheese-making business for sale they purchased it. They named it ‘Viavio’ which comes from the last part of Flavia and Flavio's name. This conjures up the image of historic and traditional artisanal Italian brand, and stands proudly alongside the stars of the Southern Cross.

Viavio focus on making high quality Italian style cheese using traditional methods and local ingredients, including A2-tested milk from Oaklands Farm. Their cheeses are all natural and contain no preservatives. Viavio have won multiple awards and their cheese can be purchased from many locations across New Zealand.

Flavia attends the Nelson Farmers Market on behalf of Viavio and she really likes the atmosphere and the bonding among stallholders. It is great that local producers are represented. Viavio is very proud of what they have achieved. They are passionate about their product and greatly enjoy introducing their Italian style cheese to people and educating them on how to best use them.

Products and Availability:

·        Fresh Cheese: Burrata, Mozzarella & Bocconcini, Stracchino, Stracciatella

·        Aged Cheese: Caciocavallo, Caciotta, Fontal, Gorgonzola, Monello,  Ricotta Salata, Scamorza, Sheep Milk Pecorino, Smoked Caciocavallo, NoZtrano (12 month aged Parmigiano style)

·        Dairy: Mascarpone, Ricotta, Yoghurt

·        All products available all year round

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