During the week of 15-22 July, the Market Manager will be eating soley from the Nelson Farmers Market k. Below is a detailed meal plan for the week. Click here for a shopping list. Click on the highlight sections below for individual recipes. 

WednesdaySpicy Avocado Baked EggsBrought from one of the foodstalls at the Market

Homegrown Kitchen Cauliflower Crumble with protein of choice from The Sausage Press Deli Co or vegetarian steak from The Vegetarian Butcher

Just Be Blackcurrant & Boysenberry Cheesecake

Tea from Heke Homemade Herbals

Croxhini from Gostoso

ThursdayMorena Breakfast cereal 'Gluten Free Granola' with nut milk.Empada from Gostoso or Vegan Pie from Rainbow Kitchen with Brussels Sprouts, Apple and Hazelnut slawJust Be Cheese & Rocket Souffle with Farmers Market Salad

Tea from Heke Homemade Herbals

Brownie from Just Be

FridayPoached pears from FRUT 4 U Lowes Orchard, drizzled with cinnamon honey from Enzbee, lemon labneh from Kaikoura Cheese and sprinkled with  "Protein Boost' from Morena Breakfast CerealSourdough roll from Rodrigos with smoked salmon from The Sausage Press, (or pastrami from the Vegetarian Butcher), Love & Fury from Kaikoura Cheese and salad greens from In Season Fruit & Veg

Market Platter - your choice of fabulous artisan food from The Sausage Press Deli Co, Kaikoura Cheese, Rodriogs Sourdough, Viavio Cheese, The Vegetarian Butcher

Washed down with your favourite beverage from the Atutahi range at Kiwi Kai

Tea from Heke Homemade Herbals

Little Shaggery Farm Fruit wrap

SaturdayKumara Hash Brown with The Sausage Press smoked muushrooms and Just Be cream cheese & horseradish dip

Roast roots & caramelised onion soup with lemon, chilli & parsley

Served with bread roll of choice from Rodrigos 

Pizza with a Cauliflower base and toppings of choice from the Market and mozzarella from Viavio Cheese

Tea from Heke Homemade Herbals

Hazelnut Biscuits


Big Breakfast 

Pork and Herb Sausage, bacon with eggs and sourdough

Salmon, spinach, eggs, sourdough

Breakfast Sausage from The Vegetarian Butcher, eggs, oyster mushrooms from Kai Fungi, Sourdough

Just Be Cheese Pie (reheat in oven for 12 minutes at 180) with Crunchy Green Winter Salad.

The Sausage Press hot smoked salmon on baked potato with Just Be cream cheese & horseradish dip with In Season Fruit & Veg spinach.

Fruit Crumble using FRUT 4 U Lowes Orchard Sturma applies and crumble mix from Nutt Ranch

Tea from Heke Homemade Herbals

Rodrigos Sourdough Cracker with Just Be Beetroot Hummus

Monday Morena breakfast cereal 'Toasted Muesli' with yoghurt from Viavio Cheese and stewed fruit from OkainamuPear, Blue Cheese & Rocket Salad with cold cuts from The Sausage Press Deli Co or The Vegetarian ButcherCauliflower Rissotto  

Tea from Heke Homemade Herbals

Flavoured nuts from Nut Ranch

TuesdayRodrigos sourdough toast with Nutt Ranch hazelnut spread, lemon labneh from Kaikoura cheese and cinnamon honey from Enzbee

Roast pumpkin salad with Love & Fury Cheese from Kaikoura Cheese and Pinoli Pine Nuts

Steamed Broccoli with Bocconcini from Viavio Cheese with bacon from The Sausage Press Deli Co or The Vegetarian Butcher

Tea from Heke Homemade Herbals

Fruit Wrap from Little Shaggery Farm or fresh fruit