As part of National Farmers Market Week, the Market Manager will be eating soley from the Nelson Farmers Market for the week. Below is a detailed meal plan for the week. Click here for a shopping list. 

BreakfastLunch DinnerSnacks
ThursdaySmoothie made with Everbrook Goat Milk or nut milk, berries from Lowes Orchard, tsp of honey from EnzbeeBeetroot, Rocket, Walnut & Blue Cheese Salad. Click here for the recipe. Ferretti Roast Vegetables on a bed of salad greens and Botanist cheese from Kaikoura Cheese

Dana's Dark Plunger Coffee from Hillarys Coffee Cart

Croxini from Gostoso

Glass of kombucha

FridayPoached pears from Lowes Orchard or Little Shagger Farm, drizzled with cinnamon honey from Enzbee and sprinked in nuts from Nutt RanchJust Be Farmers Market Salad. Click here for the recipe.

Just Be 'Stuffed Courgettes' with Hazelnut Salsa. Click here for the recipe.

Quince baked in honey. Click here. 

Dana's Dark Plunger Coffee

Renegade Ferments Kombuchacles.

Click here

SaturdayOmlette using 2 Brookfield Free Range Eggs and own choice of vegetables and Kaikoura Cheese, topped with microgreens fromNatural Microgreens

Honeydew Roasted Pumpkin Soup (click here) and Rodrigos Garlic Bread

NB: Use Enzbee Honeydew rather than maple syrup

Carolyn's Gluten Free Spring Onion and Cabbage Fritter with Kimchi

(Click here for the Recipe)

Fruit crumble using FRUT 4 U Lowes Orchard Cox Orange apples and crumble mix from Nutt Ranch

Dana's Dark Plunger Coffee
SundayGrilled fruit with goats milk yoghurt (click here for youghurt recipe) and nut sprinkleReuben Toasted Sandwich . Click here for recipe. Bortelli beans in tomato sauce with Rainbow salad mix from Natural Microgreens. 

Dana's Dark Plunger Coffee

Hazelnut Biscuits (click here)

Glass of Renegade Ferments kombucha

MondayWilted spinach with poached eggs and tomatillo salsa Vedic Fritatta using Brookfield Free Range Eggs, Everbrook Goats Milk, seasonal vegetables from Vedic and grated cheese from Kaikoura CheeseBurger and chips using: The Vege Butcher burger pattie, capri tomatoes from Romanos, microgreens from Natural Microgreens, and potato bun from Rodrigos. Can bake potatoes in an oven as wedges or pan fry as chips

Dana's Dark Plunger Coffee

Little Shaggery Farm Fruit Wrap 

TuesdayLittle Shaggery Fruit Salad (own choice of fruit) with yoghurt and nut sprinkle

Summer Bread Salad 

(click here)

Use Kaikoura Cheese and olive oil from Okainamu

Just Be Grilled Vegan Pastrami, Ratatouille and Potato/kumara mash

(click here)

Dan's Dark Plunger Coffee

Flavoured nuts from Nutt Ranch

Glass of Renegade Fements Kombucha

WednesdayRodrigos sourdough toast with Nutt Ranch hazelnut spread, lemon labneh from Kaikoura cheese and cinnamon honey from EnzbeeBrought from one of the foodstalls at the marketVegetarian steak from The Vege Butcher, and Pure Carnivores Summer VegetablesFlat white from Hillary's Coffee Cart and Chocolate Brownie from Carolyn's Dosa